Myrtle Beach SC Beach Houses for Sale

Why Myrtle Beach?

Shortly after I graduated college I decided to quit my job and drive down the East coast for a few months.  I started in Virginia Beach and spent a few weeks.  I soon got tired of it and decided to work my way south. I drove a few hours at a time and was able to check out dozen of beaches on my way through Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

I had no intention of stopping at South Carolina.  My plan was to continue to Georgia and then to Florida all the way to the Keys.

But I did stop.


My visit to Myrtle Beach made me stop.  I thought to myself that this HAD TO BE the best beach on the East coast.  There was no need to go any further.  I made it to where I wanted to stay.

Even after all of these years I still believe that Mrytle Beach is one of the premier destinations for beach lovers.  I know dozens of retired friends who move to Mrytle Beach from Northern states like Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Ever since my adventure I have had an interest in Myrtle Beach real estate.

Where is Myrtle Beach?

Of course, Mrytle Beach is on the East coast in South Carolina.  The beach actually covers 60 miles of the coast.  Many sections of the beach allow you to drive your car slowly down the sand.  Not to many places in the United States still allow this!  The map below shows the location of this beautiful beach.

Myrtle Beach Weather

While this area can get cold in the winter months (December, January, February) the average temperatures during these months remain above freezing.  A dusting of snow is not common but it does happen.  Accumulation of snow on the ground is quite rare.  In fact, the local governments in the area do not generally keep snow clearing equipment.  So, if there is an extremely rare snow day you can expect all schools and most businesses in the area to shut down until the snow melt – generally the next day.

April through October (8 months of the year!) you can expect sunny and warm beach weather.  It cools down a bit in November but, on many days, you can still enjoy a brisk walk wearing only a light jacket.

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Pricing

On of the reasons that many retirees flock to this area is that home costs are extremely reasonable within driving distance to the beach.  A nice modest home can be priced under $200,000.  Luxury homes that are closer to the beach will be in a higher range of around $400,000.  Beach Front property will cost you quite a bit more if you don’t want the trouble of jumping into your car for a quick drive to the beach.

We LOVE luxury homes with beautiful architecture.  So, here is a sampling of the kinds of real estate that you can see for sale in the upper brackets.

This sprawling beach home is clearly inspired by the beach homes in Southern Spain.  The large attached 3 car driveway is the home of the owner’s 3 cars – a Range Rover, a BMW and a Jaguar.   The tall round lookout is designed to be similar to a lighthouse.  As you walk up the circular steps you can look to your left to see out the windows to a the beautiful outdoors that is so perfect it could be right out of a painting.

For a little over $3 million you could find yourself in this large state near the beach.  This listing on North Ocean Blvd is open listed for sale and you can arrange a private tour by contacting any local real estate company.

If you like Myrtle beach as much as I do you should explore the real estate options.  This could be the perfect get away location or retirement spot for you.

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