12 Amazing Luxury Deck Ideas

How to design something so basically simple as a deck without being trivial and obvious? Here come 12 amazing luxury deck ideas that will certainly inspire you, from some classical wooden deck examples to a couple of innovative deck designs where stones are utilized instead of the classical wooden planks.

Decking is not only about planks and pavers and their more or less complicated layouts. Another important aspect of any good deck design is naturally deck railings. This is the reason why we have also taken much care of deck railing ideas in the choice of the examples displayed in this gallery.

Luxury Deck Ideas - outdoor huge patio with wooden decking and white canopy on  the right -LifetimeLuxury063

This first example of luxury deck ideas  utilizes the rhomboid disposition of the planks to create a nice decorative effect that has its focus on the centre of the huge porch with white columns open on the garden. Railings are classically made out of dark metal and wooden poles.

Luxury Deck Ideas - outdoor desk on two split levels with glass panel railing -LifetimeLuxury070

The utilization of a linear plank disposition combined with a split level conveys feelings of informality and relaxation in this classical decking. This solution is often utilised in many luxury deck ideas because of its bare elegance. Notice the nice railing made out of glass panels, a material often utilised in deck railing ideas, that runs on the left.

Luxury Deck Ideas - wooden desk for indoor space. French windows on the right with a view on a garden - LifetimeLuxury151

Wooden decks can be also utilised to cover the floors of interior environments, like in this fine example of covered porch. In this classical deck design, the planks have been disposed as they were pavers, with a nice graphic effect. This is another very common solution for decking that can be found in many deck ideas.

Luxury Deck Ideas - Spiral outdoor wooden deck - LifetimeLuxury154

The spiral layout and the three different orientations of the planks give an extraordinary sense of dynamism to this beautiful deck design. The classical wooden railing is a typical example of deck railing ideas that are suitable for exterior environments, while the semi-circular bench is a smart solution of space optimization.

Luxury Deck Ideas - stone tile decking with iron desk railings- LifetimeLuxury232

This outdoor deck is the first example of stone decking in our gallery of luxury deck ideas. The traditional wooden planks have been replaced with large rectangular stone tiles, while the deck railing is made out of metal bars and frames. The palette of colours perfectly matches the vaguely Indonesian style of the mansion.

Luxury Deck Ideas - balcony with wooden desk and long pod with flowers around -LifetimeLuxury004

Another example of wooden decking with a simple linear plank disposition. The typical metal deck railing has been replaced with some pods made of bricks , a solution that is not so unusual in many deck ideas. Among railing design ideas, pods are the most practical way to optimize space in small dwellings, like studios or flats.

Luxury Deck Ideas - outdoor deck on severla split levels with staircases and a garden on the foreground -LifetimeLuxury017

The massive utilization of split levels, staircases and a double level palette creates a dynamic yet practical outdoor space in this beautiful example of composite decking that can be practically used as both cooking area and living area. The deck railing is smoothly classical.

Luxury Deck Ideas - decking in wood and white marble for outdoor porch withcircular  brazier in foreground - - LifetimeLuxury019

Wood and marble combine in order to create a dynamic and elegant space in this nice example of fine composite deck. Equipped with braziers, benches, dining areas, covered and uncovered areas, this environment is one of the most multi-functional examples in our gallery of luxury deck ideas.

Luxury Deck Ideas - villa with stone deck with swimming pool on ground level - LifetimeLuxury021

A gorgeous example of marble deck with built-in swimming pool in the middle and a very linear design. There are no railings, as the decking is at ground level. Enjoy the minimalistic style of the whole composition, where space is king and lines are clear and neat, and the volumes look light and airy in their bare essentiality.

Luxury Deck Ideas - classical square flat balcony with wooden desk and iron railings all around - LifetimeLuxury026

The purple lightening makes this example of deck designs  look modern and innovative, but in the reality the decking is classically made with wooden planks, and the metal deck railing looks also quite classical as well. This could be a good deck idea for flats or studios.

Luxury Deck Ideas - villa long covered balcony with wooden desk and glass panel railings, huge French windows -LifetimeLuxury032

Another example for minimalist deck designs with a very simple wooden plank decking and a long glass panel deck railing. Great solution for balconies and terraces, this deck design idea combine versatility, elegance and practicality. This is the reason why it is so popular today.

Luxury Deck Ideas - outdoor wooden deck running along a rectangular small pool  in a villa - LifetimeLuxury042

This fine outdoor wooden decking example concludes our gallery. The space has been split exactly in two, between the swimming pool and the deck itself. Linearity triumphs almost everywhere, the ambience looks airy and relaxing thanks to the smart simplicity of the design. A great deck idea for many villas and mansions.

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