16 Inspiring Luxury Patio Ideas

Here come displayed 16 selected photos showing just as many outdoor patio ideas of different styles – from the traditional Spanish patios to some very avant-garde examples. Common element of many mansions and villas, the patio has the function of providing a house with an outdoor space for dining and recreating.

Patios must be beautiful, being the first feature that guests notice in a house. This is probably the reason why patio designs are so intriguing. We publish this selection  of photos of patio designs  with the hope that readers will find them useful to develop their own patio design concept.

Luxury Patio Ideas - traditional patio with reddish pavets and wooden roof-LifetimeLuxury099

Among our luxury patio ideas, this traditional outdoor patio with classical reddish pavers and wooden roof is probably one of the most scenic thank to its location just in front of the garden with the swimming pool in sight. Notice the elegant glass table with Spanish-style decorated chairs all around in the foreground.

Luxury Patio Ideas - combined space that is both living and dining room with patio in stone walls and arches with scenic view - LifetimeLuxury001

In this example for luxury patio ideas, the patio has been inserted inside a combined space that has the functions of living room and dining room. Glass panels divide each functional area from each other, while the stone walls and the arches not only provide some nice ornamental elements, but also demark the patio area inside the space.

Luxury Patio Ideas- Classical Spanish-style patio with floor paved with stone tiles and scenic view on a pond- LifetimeLuxury002

Wooden roof, classical round arches and straight columns characterise this Spanish-style covered patio. In this example for  patio ideas, the traditional patio pavers are replaced by stone tiles, which is a bit unusual in these types of patio designs. Guests may have dinner or simply relax in conversation, while enjoying the scenic view on the pond.

Luxury Patio Ideas - avant-garde patio immersed in the garden with floor made out of an iron frame and glass panels - LifetimeLuxury004

This is a nice example of an avant-garde outdoor patio in our collection of luxury patio designs. The roof is extremely stylized in a structure made out of metal frames and glass panels. The space is totally immersed in the garden, and the tradtional patio stones are replaced by  marble tiles. Finally, the fireplace on the right adds a note of pleasant cosiness to the whole composition.

Luxury Patio Ideas - outdoor patio with stone floor and big stone fireplace in the middle, Indonesian style square table and chairs - LifetimeLuxury006

South East Asia traditional decorative elements and modern design concepts have been combined  in this fine outdoor patio in order to create an informal and familiar ambience, where it is nice to stay and relax with friends. The colours of the patio stones match the colours of the stones of the elegant fireplace placed in the middle.

Luxury Patio Ideas - sand colour patio with columns with stone base colums open to a wide garden with swimming pool on the right in a desert envrionment - LifetimeLuxury007

Patio designs are often inspired by exotic cultures or classicism, like in this outdoor patio. The capitals and the spiral decorations of the columns remind of Mycenaean Art, yet these classical elements are inserted in a modern building. The palette utilizes a slightly pink sand colour that perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding desert environment.

Luxury Patio Ideas - wide balcony with couch and armchairs set around a central fireplace on the foreground and outdoor patio laying on the balcony itself on the background - LifetimeLuxury008

Sometimes, outdoor patio ideas combine several functional spaces in one, like in this interesting example. The covered patio takes just a small portion of the wide terrace we see in the foreground, while the rest is used as a living area and furnished with armchairs, couches and a nice table with a small fireplace placed in the middle.

Luxury Patio Ideas - Mexican style patio with wooden roof stone floor and scenic view on the hills - LifetimeLuxury012

Best outdoor patio ideas often exploit smartly the natural environment around, like in this fine example of Spanish style covered patio that has been provided with a large balcony from which guests can enjoy a stunning view on the valley.

Luxury Patio Ideas - covered patio with brick fireplace and brick arches and columns open to a swimming pool on the right -LifetimeLuxury016

Bricks triumph in this example of covered patio, which is also provided with a practical cooking area. The brick fireplace adds a further warm note to a composition that already conveys a feeling of informality and relaxation. This is a great solution if you need a space where to  share nice moments with friends.

Luxury Patio Ideas - villa with modern design outdoor patio set around a swimming pool - LifetimeLuxury017

Swimming pools can be a very inspirational element for many luxury outdoor patio ideas. In this example, the patio is set all around the rectangular pool in the foreground, and it is totally integrated with the garden. A great patio design for those who need a huge outdoor space where to give parties.

Luxury Patio Ideas -detail of covered patio with roof in glass panels and metal frames, stone floor and garden with swimming pool on the background - LifetimeLuxury024

A total integration with a surrounding garden is a common feature of many modern patio designs, like it is clearly shown in this nice example of luxurious outdoor patio. Stone floor, roof in metal frame and glass panel, beautiful view on the near swimming pool.

Luxury Patio Ideas - outdoor patio iin villa with stone walls and pod-shaped fireplace in a corner on the right with couch in the front - LifetimeLuxury027

Patio stones can create beautiful decorative effects, like in this nice example of outdoor patio. Notice the unusually pod-shaped fireplace that creates a cute cosy corner where to stay and relax, and the huge French door through which we glimpse a luxurious living room.

Luxury Patio Ideas -covered patio with columns and round arches open on a huge lawn with desert mountains in the background - LifetimeLuxury031

M.C. Escher has certainly inspired the architect of this covered patio with classical Italian columns and round arches. Equipped with cooking and living areas and a big fireplace, it is a great solution for those who need a wide and luxurious space where to invite guests for parties and dinners.

Luxury Patio Ideas - covered patio with wooden floor paved with stone. Stone mantelpiece with cooking area on the right and living area furnished with armchairs, couches and round tables in front - LifetimeLuxury059

The irregular and colourful patio stones create a pleasantly informal ambience in this nice covered patio fully equipped with fireplace and cooking area. The design is simple and a bit rustic, but not inelegant. This example can be inspirational to those who are looking for outdoor patio ideas that convey a sense of cosiness and familiarity.

Luxury Patio Ideas -covered patio with wooden roof and columns and big white central fireplace. In front, small grey table surrounded with grey armchairs with white pillows - LifetimeLuxury068

The utilisation of wood for the columns and the roof vaguely reminds the splendours of the Tibetan architecture, which might have inspired the designer of this covered patio. The classical  big white fireplace is the central element of the layout, around which the whole composition is built. Notice the patio pavers of concrete that are practical yet beautiful in their bare essentiality.

Luxury Patio Ideas - combined outdoor patio with small covered area, huge terrace paved with large concrete tiles, small pool, elegant Indonesian style columns and arches - LifetimeLuxury073

Again, another Indonesian-inspired example for seekers of luxurious outdoor patios. The patio is merged with the huge terrace paved with large concrete tiles that we see in the foreground. The covered area is delimited by the nice Indonesian style columns and arches,  and it works as living area.

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