24 Luxury Home Sauna Ideas

Having one’s own home sauna has become popular today. An increasing number of people ask for this healthful facility with the hope to both enjoy sauna benefits and have a nice place where to stay in relaxation.

But how to design home saunas? In the measure that in-home saunas are more requested, sauna design becomes more and more sophisticated. In this post, 24 photos showing some great examples of luxury saunas are displayed, with the purpose of providing our readers with good inspirational material.

Luxury Home Sauna - glass panel wall sauna cabinet - LifetimeLuxury199

A home sauna is traditionally made out of birch wood, as this material has great insulating properties. The usage comes from Finland, the country of origin of modern home saunas. Huge glass panels are optional, they are often utilised in luxury saunas because they give a sense of elegance, as in this tasteful example.

Luxury Home Sauna - glass panel sauna cabinet with stunning view on the town - LifetimeLuxury003

Among saunas benefits, relaxation is the main. In this example of a luxury sauna the walls of the sauna cabinet have been made entirely in glass, so that guests can enjoy a scenic view upon the town. This is both esthetical and practical, as it increases  the sense of relaxation of users.

Luxury Home Sauna - inside a classical birch sauna cabinet. Wooden benches, brazier and metal bucket - LifetimeLuxury004

Inside a classic home sauna. We see the typical layout on three/four steps of the wooden grid where guests sit down. The walls are covered with wooden panels, and the door as well. On a corner, the brazier, and in the foreground the typical bucket with water.

Luxury Home Sauna - brazier in-built in an island and birch benches glimpsed through the glass panels - LifetimeLuxury005

Another nice example of sauna design for in-home saunas. Wide glass panels are utilised to give the usual feeling of no separation with the outside environment, while the wall has been unusually covered with stone bricks. The brazier has been built in a small island, and the sauna cabinet is compact and perfectly space-optimized.

Luxury Home Sauna - posh bathroom with pool shaped jacuzzi and sauna wooden cabinet on the right - LifetimeLuxury009

Home saunas are typically placed in bathrooms, as this is their best possible location. In this way, it is exalted the bathroom function as a place where you can both do toilette and relax. In this example, an in-home sauna has been conveniently placed near the bathtub, so that you can switch from  sauna benefits to Jacuzzi comforts.

Luxury Home Sauna - small wooden sauna cabinet with glass panel door in a bathroom with some Japanese style elements - LifetimeLuxury016

A Japanese influence is evident in many sauna designs. It doesn’t come surprising, as this exotic country has a long tradition of home saunas and public spas. While Finnish saunas are mostly made out of birch wood, in Japan the range of the materials that are utilized in building in-home saunas is much wider, and it includes also tiles and stones.

Luxury Home Sauna - small and compact sauna cabinet design made out of fine walnut wood placed in an elegant bathroom - LifetimeLuxury022

Being relatively small and easy-manageable, Finnish saunas are a natural complement of any bathroom. They add an element of great comfort to any house. Sauna benefits include deep detoxification and cardio-vascular reactivation, not to mention the sense of relaxation and welfare that we enjoy immediately after.

Luxury Home Sauna - in foreground, small and compact birch sauna cabinet with open door - LifetimeLuxury023

The photo above shows a detail of a classical sauna design for a home sauna. Raw birch wood is used almost everywhere. The floor is the only exception, being covered with dark grey ceramic tiles. Guests get access to the sauna through a classical small glass panel door through which we glimpse the bench set inside.

Luxury Home Sauna - contemporary sauna cabinet design made out of metal frames and glass panels - LifetimeLuxury024

Innovation has affected also the conservative world of sauna designers. In this example of Luxury sauna, the utilization of glass panels, metal frames, fine wood panels and indirect lightning create an environment that is both practical and beautiful.

Luxury Home Sauna - outdoor hut shaped wooden sauna cabinet placed on a terrace with wood on the background - LifetimeLuxury027

There aren’t only in-home saunas. The traditional hut-shaped Finnish wooden sauna is a very versatile formula that designers can easily adopt even on the making of outdoor solutions, like in this cool example of home sauna, where the sauna cabinet has been placed on the balcony.

Luxury Home Sauna - view from outside of an in-home sauna with wall covered with wooden panels, wooden benches, huge glass panel entry door - LifetimeLuxury031

A great example of an elegant in-home luxury sauna. The wide glass panel door leads inside a spacious and comfortable sauna equipped with the traditional raw birch benches, the brazier with volcanic stones, the bucket and the hourglasses. The towels are stored in the big wall cupboards before the entry.

Luxury Home Sauna - compact and small square sauna cabinet in single frame with glass panel walls- LifetimeLuxury046

Space optimization plays an important role in sauna design. Here, the sauna is reduced to a kind of  modular element that can be added or removed to an interior space as you please. Small and compact, yet comfortable, this home sauna in wood can be placed almost everywhere.

Luxury Home Sauna - combined solution with sauna and shower box in a unique cabinet - LifetimeLuxury053

In this example of home sauna, the floor made with wooden batons reminds orient and Japan. The design is really innovative, combining a shower box and a drying sauna in the same cabinet. This is practical, as everybody needs to take a refreshing shower after having sauna.

Luxury Home Sauna - huge glass panel door to the sauna on the left, wall walnut wooden cupboard and shower box on the right - LifetimeLuxury067

Another example of a beautiful luxury sauna. An elegant walnut wooden wall cupboard provides a practical  place  where to put towels and other toilette products. On one side of the cupboard, there is the sauna; on the other side, a comfortable big shower box where we can refresh waits for us.

Luxury Home Sauna - esagonalshaped corner sauna cabinet - LifetimeLuxury074

A sauna design that breaks the traditional clichés of Finnish  home saunas. The main material is still row wood, but the cabinet shape is not as squared as the ordinary in-home saunas, but irregular. This creates a sense of dynamism  and variety, but without affecting in any way functionality.

Luxury Home Sauna - glass panel sauna wall with door in foreground. We glimpse wooden rack, benches, wooden rectangular panels, dark metal brazier - LifetimeLuxury079

Again, another luxury sauna with huge glass front wall. Inside, a linear design changes this home sauna into a posh yet relaxing environment, where the classical birch panels are masterfully converted into decorative elements. Notice the fine brazier painted with the same dark grey colour of the volcano stones.

Luxury Home Sauna - Indonesian style stools in foreground and metallized dark wall panel, in background glass door open leading inside the sauna - LifetimeLuxury091

Some decorative elements taken from the far east tradition (like the nice shape of the stools) makes this sauna design particularly beautiful. Red adds a note of colourful vivacity to the whole composition, while the metallized colours of the wall panels combines with their linear design to create a feeling of simple, unbeatable elegance.

Luxury Home Sauna - glass panel sauna cabinet with single long bench in bleached wood and walls tiled with dark grey squared ceramic tiles - LifetimeLuxury102

In this luxury sauna, the glass panels of the cabinet create a sense of continuity between the sauna and the elegant bathroom where the sauna is placed. The traditional raw birch benches and panels are replaced with  a single long bench made out of bleached wood and big squared tiles in ceramics that repeat the colours of the bathroom walls.

Luxury Home Sauna - small Finnish in-home sauna with glass panel walls and scenic view on the garden - LifetimeLuxury108

A classical raw bitch wooden home sauna of linear and simple design where space is highly optimized and walls are made out of glass in order to create the usual sense of continuity with the environment outside. Practical brazier in dark metal, and shower immediately at hand.

Luxury Home Sauna - wooden corner sauna cabinet set by a white tiled bathtub. We glimpe a cute birch bucket and an iron brazier - LifetimeLuxury115

A luxury sauna that wisely combines modernity and tradition. The staircase shape bench makes the most of the small available space. Birch wood is still the main material, but the panel shape is modern and elegant. Notice the cute wooden bucket near the comfortable iron brazier.

Luxury Home Sauna - kitchen with an open door on the left leading into a sauna - LifetimeLuxury129

A kitchen is a strange – and not practical – location for a home sauna, but this is it in this bizarre design. Inside, we have the classical Finnish sauna made out of raw wood and with the typical staircase shape raw birch benches. Strange but possible design.

Luxury Home Sauna - canopy shape wooden sauna cabinet with huge frontal door made with glass - LifetimeLuxury145

A great example of posh and superbly elegant sauna design characterised by a cabinet that imitates a traditional canopy. The difference is that inside there is a sauna fully equipped with a metal brazier and authentic volcano stones, buckets in white ceramics, and comfortable raw birch benches, instead of the expected double bed.

Luxury Home Sauna - an attic with a sauna cabinet in the foreground. The glass panels of the front wall are irregularly disposed - LifetimeLuxury152

Clean, bright and modern, this sauna design inserts the traditional elements of home saunas – birch benches, wooden racks, brazier and volcano stones – in a modern context. Notice its unusual location – the attic – and the irregular disposition of the glass wall that creates a sense of pleasant dynamism.

Luxury Home Sauna - an attic with an in-home sauna on the right. Detail of the circular bathtub on the foreground, and immediately after the glass panel front wall of the sauna cabinet with the dark metal brazier - LifetimeLuxury177

Again, a home sauna placed in an attic, but with a practical bathtub (and hopefully a whole bathroom) at hand this time. The shape of the sauna cabinet has been adapted to the roof, and the space perfectly optimized. We find again all classic elements of sauna design, from the usual metal brazier to the raw birch benches.

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