9 Luxury Gym ideas for your home

There is no luxury house that is worth its name without its luxury gym. Billionaires seem to have a special attraction for home gym equipment, while having one’s own private home gym sounds glamorous – just not to say that it makes you decisively sexy –  how Hollywood’s films, from “9 ½ weeks” to “Fifty shades of grey”, teach.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury001

Where to set up your home gym? A real luxury gym needs a lot of space in order to ensure the best of comfort and impress guests conveniently. In this design, the home gym equipment has been placed inside a huge room with many French windows that create a bright and roomy ambience.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury003

Another great place to host  a luxury gym is the attic, like in the example above. The large skylight and the wide windows make this home gym look like a sunroom. The gym equipment is conveniently set in front of the huge wall mirror on the right, while the pastel blue colour gives a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury009

In this stunning design of luxury gym, the gym equipment that you utilize to perform your daily home workouts has been set up  around a swimming pool . You can dive into the pool and  freshen up when you have finished. Outside, there is a wide balcony where to lay in the sun  and relax.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury013

This simple yet practical home gym has been set up on the ground floor, so that it is possible to get easy access to the beautiful garden outside. Performing your daily home workouts  must be great  in a room where it is possible to get contact with nature simply by opening a door.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury025

The house gym equipment  has been masterfully set  along the walls in this luxury gym design, as if the machines were art works. In this way this home gym looks like an art gallery, which is perfect to impress guests.  Notice the paintings on the walls that add a further touch of elegance and sophistication to the composition.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury039

Light is the strong point of this nice home gym design. A bright ambience is obtained through the massive utilization of French windows, and some  wall glasses make the room look wider. Home workouts are performed by the help of the rich set of machines, or on a mattress  on the wooden floor.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury044

Saunas are a natural element of a home gym, like the example above clearly shows. The home gym equipment has been typically placed in front of the wall mirror, while the practical shower in the corner on the right allows you a moment of peace and relaxation after your daily home workouts.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury049

Where are we here,  in a bright living room or in a practical home gym? Notice the elegant chandelier  hanging from the ceiling and the wall decorations with classical motifs that make this luxury gym more suitable to impress guests than perform  your home workouts.

Luxury Gym - LifetimeLuxury060

Again,  home gym and sauna are smartly combined in the same room in this elegant yet practical design that smartly uses wooden panels, ceramic tiles, huge windows and French doors in order to create a bright and roomy ambience. It is possible to enjoy a scenic view on the beautiful  landscape outdoors while performing one’s home workouts.

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