Advice from the world’s top Interior Designers

One of the GREAT things about elite interior designers is that they love what they do and they are happy to share their insights!

Artists and designers are special people.  They get to the top not just through years or experience and training.  Of course these two things are extremely important, but there is one factor that cannot be quantitatively measured and can be 100 times more important than training or on the job experience.

What is it?

The world’s top interior designers have an innate ability to imagine.  These gifted people can look at a room and visualize different designs in their mind’s eye.  This is how they make incredible design look so easy.  Indeed it is easy for them!

We contacted some elite designers and asked them one simple question:

What advice would you give someone who wants to be an interior designer?

Here are the answers:

Be Confident

One of the most important things you can do is be confident in your natural abilities.  Without a high level of confidence in your ability you will likely fall into the trap that many mediocre designers fall into.  They fail to be unique.  Confidence gives you the ability to design in your own style without being heavily influenced by trends.

Start your portfolio early – and do it online

You can never start too early.  Your design portfolio does not have to be specific to interior designs, but it should simply showcase your talent.  You can incorporate many types of art into your design portfolio.

It is important to showcase yourself and your design abilities online.  Simply put, you need a website that shows your design portfolio.  Then, every time you hand out your card be sure to ask the recipient to look at your work online.

Take a course in photography

Being a great photographer will have tremendous value to help you build your interior design business.  The photos of your work need to be quite professional if you are going to attract a following.  You need to know the basics of photography and lighting unless you are willing to hire a professional photographer to record your work.

For more tips and advice from top interior designers see:  Designer Tips and Tools.

To summarize:  Be confident in your abilities.  Showcase your work online.  Get good at taking pictures.

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