How to find an interior designer

What qualifications should an Interior Designer have?

Interior designers don’t really require a lot of qualifications.  The designer certainly needs to have an artistic ability and the ability to imagine how components and colors work together to create beauty.  In some states a bachelors degree is required, but in most cases this degree does not necessarily need to be related to design.

There are associates degrees and other certifications that can be earned that are specific to the art of interior design.  Indeed, it is often important to have such training in order to get started in the interior design industry.  But the best interior designers have a natural gift for this type  of work.

How do I find a good Interior Designer?

One of the best ways to find a good interior designer is by word of mouth.  More than likely your friends or coworkers can recommend someone to you.

If no one can provide you with a local recommendation then you need to start by reviewing the portfolios of interior designers that you would like to consider.  The best interior designers do not provide free consultations.  The great designers are always busy and they are in demand.  Likely it will cost a pretty penny to for an hour consultation.  So, look online for portfolios of designers on websites like Houzz.

If you know a real estate agent then that is a great resource to find an interior designer.  Real estate agents use designers frequently to stage homes in order to make them sell more quickly at higher prices.  The designers who work with real estate agents are often found to work at reasonable rates and they have a good deal of design experience.

You can also do a Google search to find the top interior designers in your area.  An example of a great site to find designer in California is here:  Top California Interior Designers.

Before you make your choice be sure to check the rating websites.  If you find any negative comments on sites like Angie’s List then be sure to stay away.  The biggest complaints that you would find are that little value was provided for the cost.

Finally, trust your intuition.  The interior designer should have a personality that “clicks” with you.  A quick phone conversation will tell you a lot about the designer.  Sometimes you will just be able to “know” based on a conversation.




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