Curtains are important, Knowing How to Choose Curtains is even more important

Privacy and insulation, these are the primary applications of curtains. However, these much overlooked fabrics also provide an important element to the aesthetics of your interiors. When buying curtains, make sure the panel you choose is ticking the right boxes – functionality, fabric, and design.

The Curtain’s Functionality

The first requirement when choosing curtains is the most obvious. Why do you need them? Is it for some privacy, or do you want to diffuse some of that light that enters the living room? Are you picking curtains for the winter season? Once you have made up your mind, you can choose curtains that do the required job best. Velvet and thicker fabrics provide good insulation in the cold weather, light tones allow more light through, and draping, dark curtains allow more privacy. These are just some of the examples, and you can delve deeper into the fabrics and make, once you know which curtain type suits best.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Understanding fabrics is another important step in the curtain buying process. Polyester fabrics are very popular because they are easy maintenance. They can be washed in the machine and are not susceptible to shrinkage or loosening. Silk curtains provide a luxurious finish, and they can really add to the beauty of the room. Silk also plays well with the lighting. However, this timeless fabric is vulnerable to sun rot and is difficult to maintain. Linen and cotton fabrics provide good ventilation and their texture is a good addition to casual settings. Velvet provides a resplendent and rich flourish to your interior decor, also providing privacy as it insulates sound very well.

Discovering Designs

Are you looking to match your existing colour theme? E.g. your walls, upholstered, beds etc. You can also choose a curtain colour that provides a bit of contrast to the general theme of the room. The functionality of the room also goes a long way in determining the colour of your curtains. Brighter silk tones will be an ideal complement for the mahogany set-up of your dining area, especially with the holidays around the corner. Your bedroom can do with darker, heavier drapes. For the common living room, you may want to compliment the open space with lighter curtains.

Do not forget the hanging options. If you are using curtain rods that are quite visible, look for ornate pieces or something with a good finish.

When it comes to prints and designs, choose solid toned curtains if there are enough patterns in the rest of your room (bedding and furniture). Conversely, if you have solid bedding and furniture themes, add a bit of pattern in your drapery. Get fabric samples. That is the best way to ascertain whether your interior fittings go with the curtains.

Your curtain fabrics need a bit of care too which is why you should know the specific cleaning methods for each type of material. Curtains can add depth to a simple room; they can elevate the lighting, and also provide an added texture to your decor theme. Enjoy browsing the many possibilities and discover new combinations.

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