Top 5 luxury mattress brands of the world

In a good year it is expected that the average person will sleep at least 3,600 hours.  Given this, it is clearly important to invest in a great mattress.  Given the number of hours that you will be sleeping and the importance of a good night’s sleep the right mattress can literally change your life.  The luxury mattress is the most important part of any luxury bedroom.

That sleazy mattress salesperson is going away.

The business of mattress sales has historically been a bit deceptive.  Well, maybe the word deceptive is a bit too strong.  I don’t think that I am the only one that has this opinion.

The reason that I think that the mattress sales industry has been a bit shady is that I have been to a number of mattress sales retail outlets and the sales people tend ooze the same type of character that you would find in a sleazy used car outlet.  They always say that they will beat anyone’s price on the mattress.  I came to find out that they make this claim because they know that there are no other locations where you can find the same mattress models.  Even more surprisingly it turns out that one company owns 80% of the mattress retail stores.  Indeed, when you go across the street to a different store to try to see what the competition has to offer you are most likely shopping in a store with a different name but the same owner!

The good thing is that the industry is changing.  Some would say that the mattress industry is getting disrupted.  This is being driven by the huge profit margins that retail stores have.  In fact it is not uncommon for a retail mattress store to make 80% profit on a mattress sale.  In many cases, if a single mattress is sold, that store covers its operating costs for a full month.

Some smart companies see this as a huge opportunity to break into the business by cutting costs and offering superior mattresses or customer experience.  Many online mattress companies are popping up.  These companies promise to ship the mattress to you and let you sleep in it to make sure you are happy.  If  you don’t like the mattress they will send someone to pick it up from you at no cost.

As a result of this that mattress store company that owns 80% of all mattress retail stores had to make some changes.  They are closing many stores and re-branding the stores that they keep.  You have probably seen these newly signed stores.  The company is Mattress Firm.

So things are getting better.  Time to shop for a mattress.

There are so many choices and brands that it is hard to figure out what the best mattress is for you.  You can rely on mattress review websites but many of them are simply businesses that want to steer you in a certain direction so that they can profit.

We rely on people that we trust.

So, we reached out to get the top reviews and buying guide from  These folks really know the industry and they know what people like and what is best for them.

Here is the list of the top 5 luxury mattress brands in order:

  1.  Nectar
  2. Layla
  3. Amore
  4. Eight
  5. Tuck

It is certainly best to get reviews and shop around for the best mattress and the best buying experience.  Nearly all mattress companies have guarantees, but be careful.  Some sellers will promise to trade out your mattress for another one.  But the best mattress companies will give you a complete refund if you are not happy.  Many of these will even donate the used mattress to a charity that takes care of people in need.




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