Let your Ceiling Reflect Style With Stylish Fans

Compared to air conditioners and thermostat heating, ceiling fans can be a great low-cost solution to your home’s HVAC requirements. They also add an aesthetic element to the interiors, with thousands of styles, sizes and tones to choose from.

When choosing a ceiling fan, keep in mind the basic requirements that you have. If you want to use it for cold weather, you will need to find fans that have a reverse rotation option, the clockwise rotation pushes warm air towards the floor.

The larger the room, the larger the fan coverage required, so you need to determine certain size aspects of your space before you go ahead with your purchase. Here are some pointers.

Calculating the Ideal Fan Diameter

If you have a large room then you will need to install ceiling fans with long blade spans. There are two separate formulas to measure a fan’s diameter, depending on whether it has an odd or even number of blades. For the odd number of blades, you need to multiply the distance from the centre of the fan to the tip of one blade by two. For an even number of blades, the diameter is the distance between the tips of two opposing blades.

The general rule for rooms that are less than 144 square feet is that the fans should have a diameter of 54 inches or less. Ceiling fans with blade spans between 50 and 72 inches are ideal for rooms that are above 200 square feet. For rooms that are larger than 400 square feet, it is always recommended to have two fans placed for full coverage. Large rectangular rooms also warrant multiple fans.

Getting the Right Height

Another important technical aspect to determine before you choose a ceiling fan is how high is ideal. If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet, then choose a low profile fan with no down rod. For rooms higher than 8 feet, the ceiling fan will need to have a down rod, for optimal results. The length of the down rod depends on how high the ceiling is, for a 12 feet high ceiling, a down rod of 2 ft is suggested, while for a 10 ft high ceiling, the down rod should be not more than a feet long.

Spend some time browsing for the right fan design. The fan should compliment your interiors, maybe as a contrasting element – a classic design in a contemporary minimalist space, or as an extension of the existing theme – for example, a large span farmhouse style ceiling installation for your mountain cabin or rustic home.

With so many varieties of ceiling fans to choose from, you may not get to see all the options in a physical store. For competitive prices and wider range, you can look for ceiling fans with long blade spans online, along with fans for smaller rooms and outdoor spaces.

Fans nowadays come with remotes, and as mentioned above, the reverse rotation feature makes them a useful installation all year round. Some of the top fan makers in the country are Minka Aire, Fanimation and TroposAir.


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