A Few Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Curtains


It is important to know the difference between a tab top and a double pleat or an eyelet curtain and pencil pleat curtain when choosing curtains for your home. There are different kinds of headings available. Some are a little formal than others, while some can be adjusted incase you wish to shift the curtains to another window after some time.

Eyelet curtains are not very bulky and are contemporary, informal and simple. These curtains tend to take up less space at the sides than pleated style curtains.

Pencil pleat curtains can be adjusted. They are informal curtains and their width can be altered according to your requirement by loosening or pulling the strings in the heading tapes.

Double pleat curtains are also known as double pinch pleat or pinch pleat curtains. These are more formal curtains that have the heading fixed, so these curtains will only fit the width they are actually designed for.

Tab top curtains are informal curtains that require no hooks or heading tape at all. These curtains require less amount of fabric. You can find these at the UK’s leading curtain fabric stores.

Single pleat curtains are another option. These kinds of curtains are modern and formal. If you have a limited space then these curtains are a great choice since they use less fabric.

Desired Length

This is an integral part of choosing curtains. Getting the right drop or length is important to get the desired look or effect. Short curtains usually should end at the radiator or window sill, while long ones should hang to the floor or lie just few cm’s above the floor. If you’re looking for a more grand or luxurious look, then have your curtains pool onto the floor. This gives a feeling of coziness and warmth, but this is not a great idea for curtains that need to be opened and closed regularly as constant dragging on the floor would get them dirty. It’s important to measure carefully and get the right width and length as curtains that end between the sill and floor can give it an unfinished look.

Hanging your curtains

Fitting your track or pole before measuring is a good idea. This ensures accurate measurements of the drop and width leaving less room for errors. Try to avoid fitting your track directly above the window. Go higher instead, this will make you window appear much taller.

Difference between curtain and drapes

Since we’ve been only referring to curtains, let’s talk a little about drapes too. Drapes are nothing but larger curtains – larger in both weight and size. They often contain a lot of fabric and have heavy lining in order to give a feeling of fullness and warmth. Drapes might also have a formal or traditional heading like a structured pleat. If you’re looking for drapes you can get these at leading curtain companies that could recreate the ideal look for your space.



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