5 Easy Home Decoration Tips to Make Your Home More Attractive

If you have been living in your current home for too long, then it may be time for a little redecoration. Not only will it allow you to update the look of your house, but you yourself will feel a new energy in the home. Below, we look at four easy ways you can redecorate your home.

Use Neutral Colors on Walls

When painting your home, it is recommended that you use light, neutral colors. This will give the room a sense of peace and calm, which is what you want from a home. Colors like white, grey, beige etc. are best suited for the walls. Stay away from fancy colors like green, blue, and so on. Though they might look very good initially, you will soon find that these colors actually don’t go well with the overall nature of the home.

Arrange Sofa Set Properly

When you place your sofa set in the living room, make sure that you do so in a way that it invites people to sit down on them. This can be done by following any of the two popular methods of sofa layouts – the H or the U shape. In an H shaped layout, two chairs are placed opposite the sofa with a small table at the center. In a U shape layout, the chairs are placed facing each other on the opposite side of the sofa. The table will be at the center of the three of them. You can observe these layouts in most of the professional establishments, especially in a hotel lobby.

Hang Artwork

An easy way to add beauty to a room is to hand an artwork. Since the wall color is already neutral, the artwork will stand out more. Many people make the mistake of hanging the artwork too high on the wall. Avoid such mistakes. Instead, hang it right at the eye level. This will give it a much better impact. You can also use multiple artworks on the same wall. Just remember to space them evenly so that they don’t look too congested.

Place Rugs

Buy a beautiful rug and place it under the seating of your guest room in such a way that every piece of furniture is comfortably placed on top of it. At the bare minimum, at least the front legs of the chairs and the sofa should be on the rug. Else, the rug will be seen as too small, disturbing the proportions and layout of the room. And as far as possible, get a Persian rug or something similar which has a lot of intricate design and colors. This will easily add to the vibrancy of your guest room.

Lighting Effects

During night time, the only real way to make your home look outstanding is by the clever usage of lights. And this should start from the front porch itself. If there is a small walkway leading from the road to your home, make sure that you place lights on the path at appropriate intervals. The garden should also be lighted in a way that showcases the flowers beautifully. Inside, consider using multiple lights in a single room. This will give incredible depth and character to the place. If you can use lights of multiple shades or colors, it is always the better.

In case you need more information about home decoration, you can find it here. The website can give you all the details you need to make your house beautiful.


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