5 Tips That Students Must Keep In Mind When Looking For Rental Apartments

If you are going to college very soon, then you will definitely be looking into the various staying options. While residing on the campus can be the most convenient choice, renting an apartment outside the college campus can also be beneficial in many ways. And below, we look at five tips you need to keep in mind when searching for rental apartments.


The first thing you should take into account is the location of the apartment. Ideally, it should be close to your college, not too far that you will spend a good deal of your everyday time on traveling. However, student apartments closer to the college might charge more than those which are farther away from it. So, before deciding on the apartment look at the traveling times and costs between the various apartments and the college, then compare it with the rental amounts to get a good picture of whether an apartment is value-for-money.


Check out whether the apartment is furnished or not. If they don’t have furnishings like tables, chairs, beds, and so on, then you will have to get them by yourself. And this can add significantly to the cost. As such, it is always better if you only choose apartments which are offered with all necessary furnishings and fixtures. But if you are unable to find a furnished apartment, then a good way to get the necessary furnishings cheaply is to approach an outgoing student. They are likely to have furniture and other such things which they wish to dispose of since they are moving out from college.  As such, you can get some excellent furnishings dirt cheap from these outgoing students.

Home Maintenance

Make sure that that the landlord takes responsibility for maintaining and repairing any damage to the apartment. Otherwise, you may have to spend a lot of money every time a pipe breaks down, a pest infestation occurs etc. Plus, if you wish to modify the walls by drilling or carving into it, definitely seek the permission from the owner to do so. Many landlords do not like the apartments being changed in such ways. And if you end up doing this, then the owner can charge you a big compensation.


Remember to check out the reception quality of the signals for your smartphone and Wi-Fi devices in the region. Once you move in, you will obviously need to access the internet for long periods of time for both personal and study reasons. As such, it is advisable that you avoid apartments with poor signal reception.

Pet Policy

If you have a pet, then you should definitely check the pet policies of each apartment. Some communities and landowners have strict rules that ban bringing pets inside the building. Others might be a bit more lenient and will allow the pets inside your apartment but will ban bringing them to other parts of the place.  As such, be sure to clearly ask the landlord about the pet policies before you sign the agreement and move in with your pet.

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