Why Good Lighting is Important for Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior designing as it works to build the ambiance of the room, and enhances the aesthetics.

A good light fixture doesn’t only add to the style of the room by shining a different light on the décor, it also makes the room seems safe and comfortable. Light is what actually helps give the room a look of being functional whilst being stylish.

Lighting has the power to make or break the aesthetics and mood of the room. This is why you need to be careful of the type of lighting that you use for your room:

Managing the color

The way you use the lighting to accent the room colors can have a severe impact on the give off of the color. It can add or subtract from the look of the color.

It is known that darker color usually make a room feel small and congested whilst lighter colors would help the room look much larger, and all of this happens within the same range and size of the room walls.

This all depends on the reflection of the light on the room walls. The illusion of space is mostly defined by the way the light is reflecting on the corners of it. Some types of lighting, such as directional lighting, can soften the look of the room.

Opposed to that is the center room lighting which gives an ambient illumination of the room and makes it look much gloomier and smaller. In short, the lighting in the room will affect how soft or dark a section of the room appears.


One of the major roles that lighting plays is its functionality for the room. Lighting is there for a purpose, as is everything else in the room, otherwise you are just paying high electricity bills for no reason.

Chandeliers, for example, will never be recommended for use in larger rooms, because they are centrally placed, which as discussed before, can give a darker look to the room which will be farther from the chandelier. Wall lights are more directional, they will add greater length and size to the room especially one that is possibly short or long. If you have a large room then you should really consider a directional or luminescent lighting for the interior. Task-specific lights, the ones you use on your desks are much more engaged towards functionality than illumination and beautification.


We all know, by now, that natural and man-made lighting help with the illusion of space. It will help make a dark room look bigger even if it is in danger of looking small. Dark crowded rooms are often susceptible to looking small even if they are not. In order to give the illusion of a larger brighter room natural lighting is much more preferred since it shows off the color much better. But if you live in a place where natural lighting is not abundantly available, then invest in corner lamps, wall sconces, or skylights even.

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