How to Make Your Bedroom the Coziest Place on Earth

No matter where in the world you, your bedroom will be the coziest place you have ever been to. Your bedroom is where you are able to leave all of the stresses of the day out the door. Your bedroom is the place which holds some of your personal moment.

This is why it also has to be a place which you love coming back to. This is why it doesn’t have to be the most stylish place but it should be the coziest place in your home.

The best thing is that you don’t have to break or build anything to get a warm and cozy bedroom. A few tweaks here and there will get you the bedroom of your dreams.

Here are few of the approaches that you can take to make that happen:

The design

Layers and textures. These two are the keywords that you need to remember on your mission to make your room cozy. You can try mixing some materials together such as the down-filled duvet, bamboo bench, grasscloth wallcovering, and wool Berber carpet. The green color of the cloth will add some refreshing warmth to the room and the plush wool of the carpet will act as a soft landing for the bare feet.

Peaceful palate

Opt for more pastel colors when choosing your bedroom décor. Colors like lavender and mint create a sense of calmness that no other colors are able to successfully deliver. They are all light and airy colors that could make a room look large even when they are not. You can mix lavender colors with pops of green here and there to ad more character. A mix and match of pastels with brighter colors is an excellent choice for variation.


You can get fairy lights or bulbs with fewer watts in them. Though, you have to be careful about the color that you choose as we don’t want your room to look depressing.

Don’t go too traditional, mix it up!

A lot of people can be a little scared of matching odd pieces together. People are often encouraged that their style should be “making sense”. Take the task of decorating your room as working on a piece of art.

You play around with colors, textures, and styles, and in the end there’s always a little bit of your personality in it. The best thing about art is that there are no rules. It can be as obnoxious as you want it to be but if done the right way you would have created a masterpiece.

Same is the case with your room, you will need to choose the pieces that you put together. For example, if your room is more of a temporary style and then you choose to add an antique to it, make sure to choose that antique carefully. You want things to look absurd yet beautiful.

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