Our Favorite Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks for the wine lover

Storing you wines in an appealing way is important for any wine enthusiast.  We wanted to show you some of our favorite examples of wine storage and presentation.  You can find many of these custom wine racks for sale online, but some of our favorites are created by custom made woodworkers on Etsy.

The Wood Barrel Wine Rack

This wine rack takes a simple concept – a wooden barrel – and turns it into a classy wine rack that can hold up to 80 wine bottles depending on the size of the barrel.  These are made with actual barrels or can be made to simulate a real barrel.  The wooden stand on the bottom keeps your precious wines from rolling away.

This looks great in traditional homes with classic rustic decor.  The bottles are stored horizontally which is a requirement that every wine lover knows to adhere to.

Modern wall wine holder

Minimalists like this modern and simple design.  This example is crafted with two birch boards with holes strategically drilled to hold the necks of the wine bottles.  This design is an easy do it yourself project for those handymen types among us.  But for the rest of use you can get this type of modern wine rack inexpensively online and off.

Triangular wine rack

This angular option is simple and rustic.  The best of wine racks of this style are crafted from old wood harvested from old barns.  You can find these triangular wine racks on crafting websites like Etsy.  This is the perfect style of wine rack for a rustic beach house in a salt blown environment.

Custom floating wine rack

This is a more modern version of the wall mounted rack.  The wooden wine rack floats about a half inch off the wall due to the custom mounting strips.  The added touch is the small shelf that can be used to hold your opened bottle as the aroma invites you to pour the next glass.

The Honeycomb Wine Rack

This interesting an unique wine rack is an artistic piece that will complement any kitchen counter or table.  These wine racks look best when configured to hold a small number of wine bottles as shown in the first example above.  Needless to say, this style of rack can be made to accommodate larger numbers of bottles but we feel that the simple nature of the design is diminished as the capacity grows.  While these wooden wine racks can be painted we love the quality of stained hardwood that matches the decor of the kitchen.

The X Wine Rack

This simple yet elegant design is dubbed the “x wine rack” because of the patterns that the wood makes.  This is another simple wine rack style and is often crafted by craft lovers for sale on sites like Etsy.  It looks great in the kitchen but it may not suit those who wish to display their small wine collection with a little more flair.

In summary, these are some of our favorite wine rack styles.  You can easily locate these wine racks online at craft marketplaces like Etsy or at many websites that cater to wine enthusiasts.

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