12 Decorative Pillows from International Designers

An important accent for luxury homes are decorative pillows.  We searched the world for the best designer decorative pillows – our design team voted – and here are the top 12.  We all have different taste, but I believe that you will enjoy this gallery of pillows.  We have something for everyone here.  But don’t expect to get these pillows cheap.  These are designs by internationally known designers, so expect to pay a premium for this level of luxury decorative pillows!

In this gallery of 12 images , we are going to show you some examples of decorative pillow designs ranging from the classical pillows with embroideries on  their ivory grounds to some modern examples of vivid velvet pillows. They are all beautiful, but only one design pairs well with your furniture. Discover which one.

The Muse Tear Pillow

01. decorative pillows gallery - pillow "Muse Tears" by Jonathan Adler. Handcraft gold bedwork embroidered on chunky ivory linen

Jonathan Adler is an American interior designer that aims to bring the American glamour to people’s life. Clearly inspired by Surrealism, his collection of decorative pillows “Muse” combines sophisticated golden decorative motifs and  essential ivory backgrounds. The outcomes are beautiful art pillows that convey immediately an idea of something chic and eccentric. Visit Jonathan Adler’s Muse pillow collections

Christian Fischbacher Luxury Nights Pillow

02.decorative pillows gallery - Christian Fischbacher: two Pillows - white with blue decorations

The concept behind Christian Fischbacher’s bed collection  “Luxury Nights”  is creating bespoke bed linen products of timeless elegance. Its luxury decorative pillows are made out of cotton satin, precious silk, linen or crisp poplin, and decorated with a wide choice of fine designs. The available colours are white, grey, pink, blue, beige. Visit Luxury Nights by Christian Fishbacher

Jonathan Adler Talitha Bars Throw Pillow

03 decorative pillows gallery -Johnathan Adler Pillows - talitha bars - golden disks embroidered on ivory linen

The gold-and-white palette conveys a sense of brightness and clean elegance in this nice decorative pillow of the designer Jonathan Adler. Yet, it is not the cold elegance of many classical designs, as the shimmering brass disks give a feeling of warmth and regenerative energy that is typical of ethnic artworks. Visit Jonathan Adler’s Talitha Bar

Ann Gish Basketweave Pillow with French Knots


04.decorative pillows- Ann Gish's white basket wave silk pillow decorated with French buttons

A classic basket weave decorative pillow with French knots, this nice product by the American designer Ann Gish is made out of silk and fully filled with feathers and downs. The simplicity of its design allows you to place this pillow almost everywhere, as it matches with almost every furniture style. Visit Ann Gish’s web site

Hand Woven Intrecciato pillow

05. decorative pillow gallery -hand woven intrecciato pillow by Bottega Veneta

“Bottega Veneta” is an Italian firm specialised in weave products. Weaves are naturally decorative and beautiful, as they express the bare beauty of the material that has been used. “Intrecciato” is Bottega Veneta’s product suite that applies this idea to decorative pillows. The products are all hand-crafted and made of linen fabric. Visit Bottega Veneta Web Site

Churchill Linen Rose Pillow

06 decorative pillows gallery Churchill_Linen_Rose_Pillow-white pillow decorated with seven rose of two different colours (white and beige) that alternates with each other

What is more trivial than roses? Yet, roses are a classical decorative motif and it is not as easy as you can think to transform a banal rose into a sample of  glamorous design. In this exquisite example of the Canadian designer Daniel Stuart seven roses are set on a white lucid background in order to create a decoration that exploits  the effect generated by the alternation of two colours (white and beige). Visit Daniel Stuart’s web site

Christian Fischbacher Nederlands Pillow

07. decorative pillows gallery - Fischbacher Pillows - two white pillows with blue or grey decorative motifs that feature traditional Dutch architectures

Netherlands often inspires designers because of its characteristic architectures and picturesque landscapes. In the above example, the ornamental motifs of these two white pillows by the Swiss designer Christian Fishbacher are clearly inspired by traditional Dutch houses. Available in two colours (blue and grey), mixed fabric of cotton and linen. Visit Christian Fischbacher’s web site

Ralph Loren cc Pillows

0.8 decorative pillows gallery - Ralph Lauren Home-bed with several pillows set on four rows - first row: 3 grey pillows; second row, 2 white pillows, third row two balck and white stripe pillow, fourth row one light grey pillow with decorations

The American brand Ralph Lauren’s decorative pillow collection is definitively one of the richest. From the linear simplicity of its covers made out of  waffle-stitch cashmere fabric to the shimmering elegance of its bugle bead decorations, Ralph Lauren offers nothing else than tasteful top-quality products that are able to satisfy even the most exigent consumer. Visit Ralph Lauren’s web site

SFERRA Dini Decorative Pillow

09. decorative pillows gallery - sferra decorative pillows-5 white pillows having wave shaped decorations of 5 different colours and set on a white couch in single line

“Sferra Dini” is a brand that offers interesting luxury bedding products, like these  white linen pillows decorated with colourful wave shape stitched embroideries. Made out of 100% linen fabric, they are 100% filled with feathers and dawns. The available colours are white/salmon, white/taupe, white/lilac, white/cornflower blue, white/aqua. Visit Sferra Dini pillow collection web page

SFERRA Norrio Decorative Pillow

10.decorative pillows gallery -SFERRA Norrio Decorative Pillow-3 pillows (the first with white ground,the second with beige ground, the third with azur ground) are set piled on each other on a classical brown armachiar with wooden arms

In their simplicity, embroideries are the most classical, but also the most elegant decorations for pillows. In this example, the traditional white flower shape embroideries have been combined with some colourful linen grounds in order to obtain a lively, yet not too bright, effect. The pale colours of the pillow grounds make this design very suitable for every classical style couch, armchair and bed. Visit Serra’s website

Yves Delorme Berlingot Decorative Pillows

11.decorative pillows gallery-Yves Delorme Berlingot Decorative Pillows- 3 pillows of 3 different colours (grey, whitem blue)set on a white couch

The natural sheen of velvet is combined with the saturated colours in order to get a lively, vibrating effect in this vivid design by Yves Delorme Berlingot. Simple and modern, the products of this decorative pillow suite can be set in every modern context. Feather down filling, linen back, cotton viscose  velvet. Colours: rose, orange, grey, flanelle, fig, diam, blue, argent, anise. Visit Yves Delorme Berlingot pillow suite web page

 Ballard Designs Pillows

 12.decorative pillows gallery - Ballard Designs Pillow-three small pillows (two with white grounds, one with blue ground) set on a couch covered with blue pillows with white edges

Ballard Design reinterprets classical and traditional designs (especially European) in a contemporary way, in order to produce pieces that are both innovative and timeless. Their sources of inspiration come from all periods and provenances: in the given example, we can detect Finnish influences, traditional maritime style decorations, and references to the fashion of the marvellous sixties. Visit Ballard Design’s web site

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