Absolutely Stunning Luxury Chandeliers

What makes a luxury kitchen amazing?  What about an incredible bathroom?  Of course, there are many things that create the artistically amazing luxury kitchen and bathroom.  But one important thing that cannot be missed is the lighting.

Traditionally, the high cost of luxury chandeliers made them only available to the super wealthy.  The prisms of the chandeliers made this lighting the most attractive and eye-catching.  Today, chandeliers are much more affordable but the best styles are still very exclusive and can set the room apart.

We have chosen our favorite luxury Versace chandeliers for your consideration when designing a kitchen or luxury bathroom.  These Italian chandeliers are considered the ultimate in luxury.

The Versace Medusa Chandelier

Versace Medusa Chandelier

When we first saw the Medusa Chandelier we we were amazed and inspired.  In Greek Mythology medusa was a monster.  She had venomous snakes as hair.  The look of this chandelier was inspired by Medusa but it is far from the monster in Greek mythology.  The look is more of that of a jelly fish with beautiful and sparkling tentacles that dazzle.  This piece will clearly catch the attention of anyone who walks into the room.  It is a bold, unique, powerful, and simple chandelier design.

The Versace Coste Chandelier

Versace Coste Chandelier

The Versace Coste chandelier is another startling and powerful design that brings a bit of dark mystery to the luxury kitchen.  This unique design is crafted from handmade Murano glass in both black and red.  We like this piece because of its strong visual impact.

The Versace Labyrinth Chandelier

Labyrinth Chandelier

This metal and glass masterpiece is stunningly different.  The Greek Key design is totally different and inspiring.  We are a bit speechless.

The Versace Amazonian Chandelier

Amazonian Chandelier

A light shade is unheard of on a chandelier.  This Versace chandelier includes a black silk shade along with gold and crystal to create a true artistic impact.

The Versace Vanitas Swirl Chandelier

Vanitas Swirl Chandelier

When we first saw the Vanitas Swirl chandelier we did not know quite what to think.  Vanitas, of course, is a category of still life painting from the 16th and 17th century.  The general theme of Vanitas art is emptiness.  I take this style to as nothingness or unimportant.  Made with metal and gold finish, this chandelier does not fully capture the Vanitas art style, but the overall theme can be seen.  We included this chandelier in our list of stunning chandeliers because of it’s uniqueness and creative lines.  It is a far cry from the emptiness that inspired it.





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