10 Unique Luxury Bath Tubs from Artistic Designers

In this photo gallery, 10 examples of artistic luxury bath of ten different designers are shown. Designing bathtubs is challenging; a bath affects the whole bathroom with its personality, and it is important to find the right balance between innovation and tradition, functionality and aesthetics. This is not as easy as it can seem at first sight.

Designers show a wide range of preferences in their creations. Some designs are clearly inspired by the past, some other explore audaciously new forms and lines. Materials also vary very much, ranging from the traditional copper to the unusual river stones. There are also many baths made out of new innovative materials that have high performance properties. Interior design is anything but conservative today.

Cabrits Aveo Free Standing Bath

Awarded with IF Product Design Award in 2006, Aveo is the luxury bath suite of the European company Villeroy and Bosch. Beauty and comfort are maximised in this  design of supreme elegance, a real great demonstration of the skills of the European designers. The bath is made of Quaryl, an innovative material that is warm and pleasant tot he touch.  Visit Aveo

The Amalfi Freestanding Bath


02. Luxury bath gallery - Amalfi_black_bathtub placed in a white bathroom with grey floor and small black dressing table with round vanity mirror -

Inspired by the ancient Roman baths, “Amalfi” bath masterfully blends  cutting-edge technology, traditional elements and contemporary design in a tasteful and comfortable luxury bathtub that will gift you with moments of pure pleasure. The product is made of Quarrycast, an innovative  scratch-resistant material that feels warm to the touch and offers great insulation. Visit Amalfi

Boffi Island Piero Lissoni Bath


03. Luxury bath gallery - boffi_iceland_vasche_bathtub-photo in black and white

Clearly inspired by the bare simplicity of the Scandinavian design, “Iceland” by the Italian designer Piero Lissoni has clear-cut and essential lines that exalts the elegant shape of the product. The lessons of minimalism is perfectly mastered in this luxury bath that reaches a perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort.  Visit Iceland


Madison Valentina Diamond Bath Tub

04.luxury bath gallery -diamond-bathtub- black diamond shaped bathtub inside a bathroom with white floor, and white and black decorated walls. The taps are classically featured and golden-

This exclusive luxury bath has the shape of a black diamond. Purposely designed for luxury baths, it is made of a silver leaf with a shade of translucent black, high gloss varnish. “Maison Valentina” is a company based in London that is specialized in luxury product design. Visit Maison Valentina

The Edge Bath

05. Luxury bath gallery - Edge Bath - white bathtub in a white room with parquet on the floor, square fucsia carpet, round vanity mirror with thick silver frame.

Another great example of fine luxury bath design of Victoria plus Albert, a British brand well reputed for its elegant freestanding baths and basins that aims to produce innovative, long-lasting product of great design and class. Integrally hand-finished by skilful artisans, Victoria plus Albert’s products are all made out of Quarrycast, a bend of limestone and resins with special, high performance properties. Visit Victoria plus Albert

Muubs Riverstone Bath

og.Luxury bath gallery - mubbs riverstone bath - bathrub made out of a single reddish river stone

River stones are a natural material that fits well with bathtubs, as it is clearly shown in the above example. The purpose of the utilisation of raw materials in contemporary design is to create objects that express the forces of nature and  its intrinsic beauty. This is the approach of Muubs, a small company specialised in interior design and furniture, to which the design of “Riverstone” belongs. Visit Muubs

Muubs Copper Bath

07. Luxury Bath Gallery - Muubs Copper Bath- classical bathtub made out of copper inside a bathroom

The philosophy behind this luxury bath design is similar to the previous example, the only difference is the material that is solid copper here. The  shape of the bathtub, which is entirely made by hand, is clearly inspired by the design of the past. Beautiful and practical. Visit Muubs

Otaku Bath

08. Luxury bath -Otaku Bath- bathtub made out of pressed woven veneer sheets

An oriental influence is evident in the design of this original bathtub made of pressed woven veneer sheets. Despite the appearance, the technology is very traditional and  ancient. It comes from Vietnam, where it has been  utilized to make boats for centuries. “Otaku” is a paradoxical analogy with boats, as baths can be seen as mainland boats. Visit Otaku

The Copper Bateau

09-Luxury Bath gallery - The Copper Bateau- bathtub made out of copper

The second example of luxury bath made of copper in our gallery, “The copper bateau” has a design clearly inspired by the baths of the past. The product is entirely hand-beaten, which gives each bath an unique hand finished look. Several interior and exterior finishes are available. For further information,visit the Copper Bateau home page

The Drayton Freestanding Bath

10. Luxury bath gallery -Drayton_BAth-white classical bathtub in a dark bathroom with white tile floor

“Drayton” by Victoria plus Albert is a luxury bath that combines some elements of the tradition, like the classical shape of the bathtub and the decorated feet, with the utilisation of Quarrycast, an innovative material that is naturally white and lucid. High resistant and with good insolating properties, this bath can be placed in any classical style bathroom. Visit Drayton home page











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