The world’s best Luxury Bed designers

A luxury bed must necessarily conjugate appeal and comfort. Do not forget that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, as our good state of health depends much from good sleeping. On the other hand, bedding sets are a great occasion for designers to add a nice and colourful touch to a sleeping room.

In this short galleries, we have picked up images of both traditional beds and modern beds. Modern designers  are more concerned about some important aspects like ergonomics, while traditional beds sometimes look posher with their rich decorations and vivid colours. But, as readers know, this is much a matter of tastes.

The Louis XV Caned Bed

Luxury bed gallery - Louix XV Caned Bed


The Louis XV Caned Bed was made famous by the king of France that reigned from 1715 to 1774.  While history does not remember him as one of the most successful kings, he did have great taste in design and luxury.  This bed is manufactured in London and the cane is woven by hand to make a magnificently classic head and foot of the bed.  While this style of bed will not match most modern home decor, we wanted to include it in this list due to its uniqueness and design quality.  This bed is available at And So To Bed London.

Baldacchino Supreme Luxury Bed

Luxury bed collection - Stuart Hughes baldacchino


“Baldacchino” means “canopy” in Italian language, while “Supreme” alludes to that level of top quality that only luxury products are able to achieve. The result of the collaboration between the British luxury expert Stuart Hughes and the Italian firm Hebanon, this elegant luxury bed is 100% designed and made in UK and Italy. Chestnut wood structure, no burn certificated Italian silk and cotton fabrics, patinated and lacquered surfaces.

Dux Pardis Bed

Luxury bed gallery - Dux Pardis Bed

Combining functionality and elegance is the vision of every luxury bed designer. These values are well represented in “Pardis”, one of the most interesting creations of the German designer Philipp Mainzer and very good example of modern bed design. “Pardis”, which in Persian means “paradise”, is the natural evolution of the German firm E15’s sofa “Shiraz”.  This bed is available at

Flou Alicudi Bed

Luxury bed gallery - flou alicudi

A masterpiece of the Italian designer Rodolfo Dordoni, “Alicudi” shows all the power of steel frames in generating great modern bed designs with a clean-cut decisive shape. Very flexible, this luxury bed is available with a huge variety of matrass supports (adjustable slats, orthopaedic, with electrical mechanisms, etc).  Get more details on this bed at

RUCHÉ Inga Sempe

Luxury bed gallery - Ruche Inga Sempe

In French, “Ruché” means a cloth decoration made by pleating a fabric. In this example of modern bed design by Inga Sempé, the comfortable sleep platform is sustained by a linear wooden supporting frame covered with a distinctive quilting pleated on the headboard. A great example of luxury bed that conveys a warm feeling of welcoming, yet being linearly simple.  This is available elusively from

Talamo Bed

Luxury bed gallery - talamo

Another great example of Italian luxury bed design is “Talamo”, a creation of the architect Antonio Citterio. The utilization of luxury materials (leather, wood) and the great care on details exalts its lean lines and straight proportions. The bedding set, which is comfortable and elegantly simple in its pale colours, completes Talamo design very well.  Available here

Moller Design

Luxury bed gallery - wooden bed by Moller Design

The conciliation between modernism and tradition is the mission of the  German company Moller Design. They aim to turn simple daily life objects – like beds – into design products that enrich users life. The results of their approach are  long-living products that perfectly conciliate aesthetics and functionality, like in this elegant luxury bed.  Exclusively from moeller-design.

Ruf Betten Bed

luxury bed gallery - bed design by ruf betten

Functionality and flexibility are king in Ruf Betten’s design concept. Modern and comfortable, Ruf Betten’s beds have bases with ventilations and some customizable components, like headboards and bed feet. A wide choice of trendy bedding sets and quality mattresses complete the line of products of this German company:  ruf-betten.

Savior Beds Winston

luxury bed gallery - savior beds winston 4

A fine example of modern bed design, “Winston” combines a stitched panel headboard with a slim box that is a distinctive feature of Savoir beds. The utilization of leather gives this luxury bed a touch of extra charm and elegance, while the simplicity of the lines exalts its unique beauty.  See the details at savoir beds.

Auping Original Bed

luxury bed gallery - Auping_original-bed

Modern beds are often more ergonomic than traditional beds, as today’s designers have fully understood  the importance and impact of functional design. Auping’s vision is to turn out complete beds with clean-cut design, as they are well aware of the fact that both the matrass and the bed base are key-factors of a comfortable, good night’s sleep.  Get more information at

The Tufty Bed

luxury bed gallery - tufty_bed

A typical example of modern luxury bed covered with leather (optionally fabric), Tufty-Bed conjugates elegance with practicality. The  internal space can be turned into a convenient compartment thanks to a storage unit equipped with a gas-lift raising mechanism. Materials: steel, quality thermoplastics, Oakwood.  Get all of the details here:

The Poltrona Frau Massimosistema Bed –

luxury bed gallery - Poltrona Frau_massimosistema_bed

Poltrona Frau is a well-established Italian brand specialized in interior design. “Massimosistema” is Poltrona Frau’s product line that offers modular and highly customizable beds and couches. The design is linear, great care is taken on the quality of the materials. Bedding sets come in a huge variety of fabrics and colours.  Details can be found at the company website:



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