Luxury Indoor Hot Tub Designs That we Love

For the luxury home an indoor hot tub is an option that you will likely not regret adding.  There a number of benefits to including a hot tub when you are designing your dream home.  The most obvious benefit is the pure relaxation effect that you can get at the end of a stressful day.  The hot jets of water will massage your back, arms, and legs almost as well as a good masseuse.

Indoor hot tubs are usually sized by the number of people that they are made to accommodate.  For example, a 12 person hot tub is much larger than one designed for 4 people.  This is OK for a rule of thumb, but be sure to compare the actual dimensions of the hot tub when making purchase and design decisions for your home.  Also be sure to consider the number of jets and the placement of those jets in the hot tub.  The water jet placement can make a significant difference, so be sure to take not of this before you choose your hot tub.

When you walk into a hot tub dealer you will have many different brand and style options.   It is very important that you choose a a dealer that is established and reputable.  There are many come-and-go dealers in this industry and af you have a question or problem down the road you want to be sure that your dealer will be there for you.  Leisure Bay Spas is one company that we have used to gather information in the writing of this article.

This built in 9 person square indoor hot tub is one of our favorite designs.  The large size will accommodate small parties easily and you can set your wine glass on the stone wall that acts as the edge to the hot tub.  This beautiful design nestles the hot tub between a wood sauna and shower.

If you are into the more rustic look then this small, in-floor hot tub will be a great choice.  We are drawn to the simple circular design.  Even though it is on the smaller side it will accommodate for bathers comfortably.


Talk about mood lighting!  This raised hot tub has a marble counter surrounding and candle like lighting.  This hot tub is also used for the bath tub in this luxury country home.

Corner hot tub

This unique angular hot tub design stands out in the crowd with its uniqueness.  This is definitely suited for two people and is a great choice when space is an issue.  The modern design with a glass front makes this perfect for home that has a modern flair.



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