Best Flatware Sets for Luxury Homes (Top 12)

On our list of the best flatware sets for 2016 you will find that most of these brands have been in making silver flatware for over 100 years!  In order to survive a century or more each of these brands has a tradition of excellence that is found in very few industries.  The process of creating excellent silver flatware has changed since the 1800s, but the spirit of the work is the same.  Using silver flatware from any of these luxury brands give you the same eating experience as royalty and elite families of the 18th and 19th centuries.

There are few brands on this list that are less than 100 years old.  One of those by artist David Mellor could not help but be included in this prestigious list.  David Mellor was a master metal worker/artist who gained prominence in the 1950s adn 1960s.  His work at this time turned heads and as and his passion for silversmithing placed him in a category that took the other flatware companies many years to achieve.  The tradition of David Mellor has been carried on by his family and even to this day his company maintains the highest standard – and he made our ist of the 12 bast flatware sets for 2016.


Armani Venere

01 best flatware sets - Armani flatware set

One of the best-known  Italian fashion brands  in the world, today Armani covers all the fields of luxury, including interior design and furniture. With its generous and round lines, Armani’s flatware set “Venere”  blends tradition and modernity in a well-balanced and tasteful product that cannot but impress favourably your guests. Available in silver-plated  or natural gold. Visit Venere’s web page

Arthur Price of England – Since 1902

02-best flatware sets gallery - Arthur Price of England Baguette

Classicism is revisited in a modern key in the simple, but not trivial, lines of this fine example of best flatware sets. Arthur Prince is a British family business established over 100 years ago. Their collection of flatware sets comes out in several designs, in order to satisfy the exigence of all customers of a top quality hand-crafted product. Arthur Price of England


Christofle Flatware

03 best flatware sets - christofle silver cutlery - forks, spoons, knives, fish kinives

Chirstofle is a French luxury brand specialized in flatware, tableware and jewellery. Chirstofle’s  cutlery suites, so classically decorated and accurately well-finished, are among the best flatware sets of our gallery, having the rare quality of being fit for any occasion where luxury is a must.

David Mellor – Embassy Sterling Silver – Best Flatware sets From the “Master Metalworker”

04-stainless cutlery - modern design - one fork, one knife, one spoon, and again one fork one kinfe one spoon on a white background

Metalwork master is a title that greatly suits the British designer David Mellor. From the most classical to the most modern and stylized cutleries, David shows a total mastery in creating ones of  the best flatware sets we have ever seen. Available in either silver and iron, and with any type of packages. Visit David Mellor’s web site

Ercuis Empire Sterling Flatware – Since 1867

05 best flatware sets Ercuis Sterling Silver Flataware silver fork,knife and spoon on white background


A big luxury product trader, Gracious Style provide you with a great market place where it is possible to buy any posh item that you need to furnish your house. The best flatware sets are available in their catalogues, like the elegant Ercuis, a suite of cutlery made out of silver that shows  a timeless classical design. Visit Ercuis’s web page

Georg Jensen – Since 1904

06. best flatware sets - Georgjensen _cutlery_silver_set_acorn- details of a fork and a knife on white background

Combining functionality and beauty is the vision of the Danish brand George Jansen. The results are sumptuous luxury products outstandingly inspired by Art Nuveau that are often enriched with elegant sculptured ornamentation. The cutlery is made in silver or steel. Several designs are available, from modern to classical.

Gorham Chantilly Gold – Very Rare

07. Best flatware sets gallery - Chantilly gold accent - tow forks, one knife and one spoon in silver with golden decorations

Quoting the producer description, Chantilly is a design that really turns every meal into an event. Superbly elegant and made in gold and silver, this pattern is very ancient, having been introduced in the 1895. It consists of a basic classically-styled design finely decorated with intricate golden motifs. One of the best flatware sets of forever. This is a very rare luxury flatware set.  In fact, there is only a used set available on Amazon.  Check it out below…

Lifetime Silver Grand Baroque Silver Flatware
08. best flatware sets gallery - Lifetime Sterling Grand Baroque, forks, kinives and spoons in silver on a white background

“Grand Baroque” is a tasteful cutlery set in silver styled in a Baroque manner. Decorations are intricate and three-dimensional, with the classical acanthus leaves curved on the body of every single pieces of cutlery. It is a perfect cutlery suite apt for any formal occasion, from a party at the embassy to a grand gala in a posh five star hotel. Visit Grand Baroque web page

Purforcat Flatware

09. best flatware sets - Cannes - details of the five ring decoration and the fluted handle on a white background

“Cannes” was created by the French designer Jean Puiforcat in the roaring twenties of last century. Each single individual piece of this historic cutlery set features a characteristic decoration with five rings at the top of its handle. One of the best flatware sets on the market because of its unique art-deco design which is said to evoke the façade of the Hotel Martinez in Cannes. Visit Cannes

Ricciar Gentieri Baguette Silver Flatware

10. best flatware sets - ricci argentieri baguette - spoon, fork, knife laid on a squared golden plate; one spoon and one fork in vertical position lawn on a round golden bowl on two golden plates one larger than the other.

Ricci Argentieri is an ancient Italian silversmith specialized in top quality flatware and giftware. Their design concept combine traditional and modern elements in order to create beautiful avant-garde products. Baguette, a sterling silver cutlery suite, features rounded and polished lines which well express the  fine sensuality of the purest Italian art. Visit Baguette web plage

Robbe & Berking Silver Flatware Since 1874

11. best flatware sets - Alta_robbe_berking_silver_flatware-one knife,onefork,one small spoon, one big spoon laid on a black rocky surface

Best flatware sets does not necessarily need to look traditional. Abba, a creation of the designer Wilfried Moll, features a linear simplicity and a total lack of decorations. This cutlery set has been awarded internationally several times, and it is displayed in many museums as an example of silversmith contemporary artwork. Visit Abba web page

Sheffield Cuttlery Since 1898

12 best flatware sets gallery- Sheffield Cutlery- silver fork, knife, spoon and small spoon on a black background

Sheffield Cutlery is an ancient British family-owned company specialised in flatware sets and giftware that supplies many important cutlery manufacturers in Britain and abroad. The classical, yet clean, lines of the cutlery set displayed in the photo above give evidence of the mastery of Sheffield Cuttlery’s craftsmen. Visit SheffieldCutlery homepage






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