The Luxury of Bamboo

Why We Love Bamboo

What is not to love about bamboo?  For one thing, bamboo wood is extremely strong.  If you ever travel to cities in Asia you will find the bamboo is used as scaffolding when construction companies build modern skyscrapers.  This might sound odd or even old fashioned if you come from the US or from another part of the world.  But bamboo is simply the best choice for scaffolding.  It is very very strong, it is inexpensive, and it is light.

So, the next time you are in a modern city like Hong Kong, Jakarta, or Beijing you will certainly see that new multi million dollar building construction companies use bamboo stalks tied together to create a safe workplace on the exterior of the buildings.  Here is an example seen last year at a Hong Kong project…

Bamboo grows everywhere.  In many areas it the plants are considered very invasive.  For example, in Northern Virginia you will see bamboo growing in certain areas and it is basically impenetrable.  Even in metropolitan areas like Alexandria Virginia you will find back yards and wooded areas that have so much bamboo stalks that it is nearly impossible to walk through.  Bamboo can certainly be a problem if you have it growing on your property because it is hard to eradicate.

But this also makes the wood easily available and inexpensive.

So if this type of wood is so inexpensive and evasive, what place does it have in luxury home decor?

Bamboo is also incredibly beautiful.  It’s beauty, combined with its strength make it perfect for high end hardwood floors and for other things.  Here is a list of our favorite uses for bamboo in the luxury home.

Bamboo Hardwood Floors

Bamboo hardwood floors are becoming a very popular options for luxury home designers.  Bamboo makes very hard and smooth flooring.  The durability of these floors is unmatched by most other types of wood floors.  One of the great things about bamboo floors is that there are different colors and patterns depending on the type of bamboo flooring that you choose.  You can find bamboo flooring that is very light in color and you will also see medium to dark versions of bamboo flooring.  We absolutely love the variety!

Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

Because bamboo wood is so strong and weatherproof it is the perfect material to use for outdoor furniture on your deck or in your backyard.  The wood is very water repellent and is very easy to wipe clean.  If you leave the bamboo furniture outside for a number of years you will find that you will not have to refinish it every few years like you will need with cherry or other hard woods.  Bamboo is a great choice.

Bamboo Bedding and Sheets

Bamboo makes great fabric.  Bamboo fabric is smoother and cooler than even the finest Egyptian cotton sheets.  Many people will argue that bamboo makes the best bed sheets and pillowcases that you can buy.  The fabric is both odor and allergy resistant so it makes a good choice for anyone that is sensitive to allergies.  Of course the strength of the fabric is an asset because bamboo sheets will hold up well in the washer and dryer for years of comfortable use.

Bamboo Anything Else


From bamboo watches to bamboo window shades to bamboo mats… we love bamboo for any luxury product that needs to be strong, durable, and also beautiful.  Even though bamboo decor is becoming more popular we believe that only the surface is being scratched.  Next time you talk to your interior designer or artist ask them what they can do with bamboo.  The possibilities are truly endless!

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