Amazing Blue and White theme luxury home rooms

Why Blue and White?

Besides looking great, blue and white rooms tend to have a calming affect on the soul.  Navy blue and white reminds me of sailing on the great open water.  The color blue has been associated with some forms of meditation for many centuries.  The contrast between the blue and white colors is significant but it is not stark or dramatic.  I don’t know exactly why this color combination encourages a feeling of peace.  In talking with others and in other research I have found that the calming effect of blue and white color schemes is widely experienced across many cultures.

The Blue and White Living Room



In this modern example nearly everything in the room is either blue or white.  The wall was initially painted white and was repainted with the blue texture.  The darker metallic blue couch fits well as it contrasts against the lighter blue wall.  The wall decor, lighting, and table setting are all completely white.  A tinge of green is found in the table plant and also the vase on the wall cabinet.  This color scheme give a warm and clean feeling and is quite calming after a stressful day.

The Blue and White Bedroom

The calming effect of blue and white is perfect for the bedroom.  The colors prepare you for a restful full nights sleep.  In this example the contrast of white against the blue walls and floor provides a cool transition to as your eyes move to the oceanic beach image as if you are sleeping near the rolling waves of a distant ocean.  The painting above the bed provides a splash of color that enhances the blue and white color scheme well.

Blue and White Sitting Room

This blue and white sitting room room exudes a peaceful energy.  The interesting “blank white” pictures with white picture frames are a symbol of a clear mind.  The natural lighting in this room make it the perfect place to curl up and read or just zen out.

Some say that blue and white decor helps to sell a home.  This may be the case because the calming effect of these two colors makes the stress of home hunting melt away.

So, for a great and uncommon stress reducing look – consider blue and white decor for you luxury home.

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