The Best Luxury Desk Chairs for your Home Office

Choosing the perfect luxury desk chairs for your Home Office

First and foremost the chair must be ergonomically correct.

Those who work from home for many hours should specifically pay attention to the reviews of other folks who have purchased the chair model that you are interested in.  If you are shorter or taller than average it is more difficult to find the right fit.  But fit is key.  Sitting in the perfectly ergonomic luxury desk chairs for hours and hours does not stress the muscles in your back and makes sure that you are comfortable for the long periods of time that you are sitting.

Second, but still important, is the style of the chair and how it matches the decor of your luxury home office.

Many chairs come in bright red colors or other motifs that work for the office but don’t fit the style of home offices very well.

Our top 3 list of Luxury Desk Chairs

1.  BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair

BestOffice Luxury Desk Chairs

Our favorite Luxury Desk Chair is by BestOffice.  This chair is perfect for the modern home office.  It will not match a traditional decor, but it looks great in many offices.  We LOVE the soft leather (Not real leather, but pretty nice) covering and the wonderfully padded sitting area and back.  This chair is great for people of any size – Taller folks will love the height of the back and smaller people will enjoy leaning their head back on the padded faux leather.

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2.  Anji Modern Furniture High Back Genuine Computer Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair

Anji Luxury Desk Chairs

This Anji model is marketed as “Modern” but it has a  look that matches a large classical wooden desk.  This is not quite Genuine leather.  It is made of Bonded Leather which is made from real leather – It is about 70% real leather.  But we love the feel of this chair.  It is very close to genuine leather – so much that most people would never know the difference.  The fit is a little bit more firm than the BestOffice model, but it is still quite comfortable and is great for folks who spend hours in the home office in front of a computer.

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3.  Belleze Executive Modern High-Back Leather Chair Home Office Ergonomic Adjustable Height (Black)

Belleze Luxury Desk Chairs

The Belleze model chair is very modern with silver hand rails and jet black leather.  This is also not 100% real genuine leather.  It is bonded leather which is about 70% real leather.  But the look and feel is close to genuine and the price is a fraction of the same chair if it would be made with genuine leather.  This is our third favorite luxury desk chair, but it is the most economical on our list.  If you are looking for a very nice desk chair but are on a budget – then this is the choice for you.

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