What Your Bedroom Says About You?

A person’s bedroom can say a lot more about them than you may think. It is their most personal and private space where they are really allowed to be themselves without being judged.

You must often notice that your friend is often different in public and in at home in their own bedroom.

Other than that, the way a person decorates their room will tell you a lot about their personality.

For example, if they love everything white, then they are probably someone who like cleanliness, are organized, and have a conventional taste in things.

Your room is spacious and believes in the practice of minimalism. Also, you like to leave a lot of room for opportunity, this is that when you finally decide on adding a bit of pop of color then you can easily do so without fretting about whether or not it will go with your background.

If a person has brightly colored walls and wall prints then they are someone who is very bubbly and energetic. They often look for adventure and possibly go for hours without sleep. The reason that this conclusion has come to mind is that the brighter colors are known to stimulate the mind which would make it difficult for the person to fall asleep easily.

If your room resembles a five-star hotel then you are probably very high maintenance and like the finer things in life. You do not say no to a bit of high expenditure and are into buying a lot of luxury. This may make you seem like someone who has an expensive taste.


However, it is not just the one look of a person’s bedroom which will tell you everything that is to know about them. There will be bits and pieces around the room that will give you a much deeper insight into their personality. You might want to look out for these clues when you are in the room of someone you are dating. Sometimes a person may not be what they seem.

For example, when you look at the white classic theme; a white classic themed bedroom always gives off the aura that a person is clean and organized. But perhaps a look at the painting hanging on their wall might say something different.

You could also have a look at their bookshelf. If they have an unorganized bookshelf or a one that is filled with books of very intense genres then you might need to re-evaluate this person. If they have things lying around that they might not really use such as the guitar, weights, tennis racket etc, you might assume that this person is pretentious.

However, there is a high possibility that the person wants you to know bits about their personality. A guitar without an amp, plectrums, etc can be to show that they love music, a racket shows that they re sporty, and weights show that they might be into fitness.

Everything in a person’s room will have a purpose. If they are not being used in real time then it means that they are there to show a side of the person’s personality.

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