Don’t Let Your Small Room Stop You from making it Look Chic, Here’s How

Often the owner of small bedrooms is riddled with the dilemma of how to accessorize their small rooms to make them look chic and elegant without over-stuffing them.Small Bedroom Image The problem with chic rooms is that one wrong piece of furniture or accessory could risk making your perfect small room look even smaller.

Tiny rooms have the advantage that they are cozy and are the perfect challenge for an interior decorator, but what If you have not hired one?

You need not worry too much as this post will tell you furthermore about what kinds of tricks to help make your small room look classically beautiful.

Limited color

You might want to overload on the colors when you have the responsibility of decorating your own room by yourself, but make sure to limit the color palette. Whatever colors that you use, make sure to use them thoughtfully. You could maybe just color one side of the wall bright and then leave the others white. A white wall will be your best friend here, but if you wish to add some color to the walls then think of doing that to only one wall.

Natural light

Having natural light coming in will make your room look brighter and thus give a much more “glowy” look to your furniture. Similar to the ones in movies and TV shows. The natural light is useful not only when you take selfies, but also when you wish to make a small room look chic. If you wish to not completely open the window then make sure to install blinds or white satin curtains.


You do not have to stack mountains of pillows upon your bed. However, adding two or three accented pillows in front of your “practical pillows” (those that you would sleep on) will bring color and elegance to the room.this would be especially good if you can get them to contrast with your practical pillow covers.

Invest in a cleverly designed unit

If you are someone who gets lazy when it comes to cleaning up your mess, or who is just a fan of having your needed products at a short distance, so that you don’t have to work too hard to fish them out or put them back, then invest in a good unit. There are a lot of units that are made to fit from the ceiling to the floor.

They will have different sections made within them which will allow you to keep your books, magazines, phone, and other accessories right around your bed. These units usually are fitted behind the bed so they tend to frame it. This will not only give it an extremely elegant look (granted you choose a nice color like white, light grey etc), but it will also help you organize your clutter.


Owning a piece of art is one of the best things you can do for your room. Art tells a story and it also brings color to your life. You can buy a small or moderate sized painting, preferable just one, to adorn a wall in your room. If you wish to buy more than one, make sure they are small and that they are induced with a good color palette.

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