Interior Design Made Easy Through Technology

Technology is now starting to disrupt the interior design industry.

Interior design for existing homes has always been a bit of an inconvenience.  First, you have to find a good designer.  If you are extremely lucky someone that you know will recommend a trusted designer for you.  But in most cases you are on your own to scour the internet to review portfolios of designers in your area.

After you finally narrow the field down to some designers that you like, you need to spend time talking about your needs and you spend money for the time required to show the designer your space.

After a few days the designer will come back with design boards, fabric samples, color samples, etc. for you to review.  You work with the designer to narrow down your choices and you then make a payment for the designer’s time, the materials, the furniture, and the required labor hours.

Then you need to anxiously wait.  You spent a significant amount of time, effort, and money and you need to wait for several weeks in order for the ordering and installation of your chosen design.

If all goes perfectly well then you will be ecstatic and proud about the outcome of the final design.

But lets face it.  A lot can go wrong.  The designer could dishonestly use another designer’s work in their portfolio that they portrayed as their own.  This fraudulent practice is not as uncommon as you may think.  New designers have great pressure to gain clients in a very competitive field and they sometimes bend their ethics in order to kick start their interior design business.

Even if everything is done honestly and with integrity, there is an inherent risk in hiring someone that you have not dealt with before.

But there are companies that are using technology to make interior design faster, easier, and less expensive.  One of these companies is Apartment 73.

Apartment73 has created a process for interior design that will eliminate the need for the designer to physically come out to your home.  This makes the design process much more efficient while delivering the same or better results that you would get from a local interior designer.  In fact, the service is provided for a flat fee so you know what you are going to need to spend up front.

The steps required for an Apartment73 design can be summarized as follows:

  1.  Prep – Take some photos and provide a rough layout of the area that you would like designed.
  2.  Design – Choose your preferred design style and provided details about what you are looking for.
  3.  Delivery – Your design is completed.  You are provided with a mood board, final design and floor plan, and a shopping list of furniture and decor items that were curated for your design for easy “click to buy”.

So, your interior design is completed in just about a week.  No visits are required.

Can you trust Apartment73?

We believe that the answer is yes.  The design work is all currently being completed by celebrated designer Sheena Newman.   We like her work and we think that you will also.



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