Small Space Furniture Ideas

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on style. Follow these handy tips to maximise your home if you’re living compact:


 The first and most important consideration for small space furniture is the scale. By taking into account how furniture will interact with the size of your home, you will avoid the barely-there look or an over crowded feel. Begin with the centerpiece in a room, for example settle on the size of your bed frame. If you need a sizeable bed then consider floating side tables and shelves for your books and other accessories. By tackling the biggest consumer of space first, you will be better equipped to understand and furnish the remainder of the room.


Make your furniture work for you by ensuring that every piece has more than one function. Allocating multiple purposes to all of your furnishings is a perfect trick for filling a small space wisely. Consider having hidden storage underneath your bed by picking a bed frame with drawers and cabinets. The coffee table can double up as a chest, your side tables can be used as stools for when guests visit. By sticking to this rule you’ll build yourself a home that doesn’t only look great, but also has maximum functionality.


 Your wall decor is a fantastic way of tricking the eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is. A mirror that’s decorative is the ultimate small space furnishing to add some openness and style at once. Its reflective surface will create the illusion of a bigger home. This tip doesn’t have to stay on the walls, use mirrored or metallic finishings on homewares like frames and bowls to add light. Mirrors that have decorative detail will double up as artwork, meaning you won’t miss having artwork on your walls. 

 Wall Space

 Your walls can do a lot more than you think! If you’re filling up your floor and there’s still more storage to be had, then look upwards. Your walls can facilitate shelves, storage, side tables and hooks. If you have decorative details to add, placing them a little further down than you would naturally will create an elongating effect. Paint from ceiling to floor with one uniform, light colour for extra stretch.


By carefully considering all elements of your home you will avoid the cramped look. Every home needs to have a unique touch to it, so you should make sure that your space, although small, is reflecting your personality. By incorporating a few extra elements that accessories a room, it will feel homely and warm.

Always be mindful that add ons have to be approached cautiously, too many and they will immediately clutter your space. Moderation is key, if you want throw pillows then only have three statement ones, coordinate the colour of your accessories to add uniformity and reign in the amount of side table additions. Choices like these will keep your home looking clear whilst also embodying your individual style!

By following these simple but effective tricks of the trade you’ll be sure to have a home that feels organised, spacious and comfortable. Head to 1825 Interiors to explore creative and interesting furniture that will make the most out of your limited space

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