A Guide to Buying Homewares and Furniture Online

Furnishing your new home or updating one of your rooms is so exciting, there’s endless possibilities and, thanks to online shopping, a whole ton of options for some incredible homewares. Now, given that you have an international offering of seemingly infinite homewares and furniture at your fingertips, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little lost with where to start when it comes to actually finding and buying pieces that are going to work in your home. Not to worry there, dear reader! Here is a full rundown on how to successfully buy homewares and furniture online…

Get inspired, but stay realistic

You absolutely need to check out a few glossy mags and spend some time scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest in order to get inspired, but don’t get stuck trying to put together someone else’s home in yours. You’ll never be able to make your space look exactly the same as the one that you’re obsessing over online, so instead take a peek at your own art, wardrobe and even books to gather a little inspiration from your own taste. By combining slick inspo with your own taste, you’ll wind up with a far more comfortable home that reflects your unique character. Given that you’ll be the one living in your space, this one is important.

Make those measurements

Make sure that you make measurements! Buying furniture to scale is completely essential, something that’s too big or small is just going to look off in a room. Grab the tape and make your own measurements, don’t just rely on your floor plan. Keep your numbers with you whenever you’re browsing the real life shops and especially when you’re checking out pieces online. This even goes for buying soft furnishings and home decor. Go on, save yourself the fuss of having to return something just because it’s the wrong size.

Read the fine print

You’ll need to pour over the fine print in order to make a purchase that works for you, this is absolutely crucial when it comes to furniture. Material compositions, care guides, dimensions, warranties, freight times and product specifications are all available when you’re checking out furniture online, so why do so many of us ignore it all? Read the fine print, get to know the item that you’re interested in fully before you even think about adding it to your cart. You’ll thank yourself in the long run, promise!

Check shipping details

We all know that incredible feeling of annoyance once we realise that the sofa that we’ve fallen in love with is going to take three months to come. It’s the worst. Again, back yourself and check the shipping details from the get go. You’ll have homewares and furniture in your home in a matter of days, instead of weeks. This should be specified on the particular product or in the shipping terms on the webpage. If a brand doesn’t clearly outline their shipping policy, don’t be shy and ask them directly.

Take your time and invest wisely

Finally, make sure that you take your time and invest wisely when you’re shopping for homewares online. Furnishing a home is not cheap, and you want to be sure that you’re spending your hard earned money on pieces that you’ll treasure for a long time to come.

Follow these tips to find flawless homewares and furniture online that will blend seamlessly into your home. Always follow your instinct, do your research and take your time to get it right every time.

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