Buying Luxury Watches with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is here to stay

The price of Bitcoin will certainly fluxuate and most likely it will have some more wild swings as speculators continue to drive the price.  Some countries will likely crack down on Bitcoin and try to outlaw it.

But if you think that Bitcoin will ever go away then you are dead wrong.  The whole basis of Bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency.  So, nobody will ever be able to kill it or make it go away.  It is decentralized, so nobody has control of it.  You can outlaw Bitcoin and the price may be affected.  But no government or group can destroy Bitcoin.  So, Bitcoin is here to stay.  Only those who have zero knowledge about how Bitcoin works will argue otherwise.

The network affect of Bitcoin is an attribute that helps create value.  Even if you removed the millions of Bitcoin speculators (Folks that buy Bitcoin with the hope that the price will rise), Bitcoin will still have value.  This is because people believe that it has value.  This is similar to the regular US dollar.  The US dollar has value because people believe that it has value.  The fact that the US Government backs the US dollar does not hurt this believe, but it is still a belief.  Just like bitcoin.

So we agree that Bitcoin can never be destroyed.  What can we do with Bitcoin?

We love Luxury Goods.  So what is a better use of Bitcoin than to buy Luxury watches?  So how do I exchange my Bitcoin for goods?  It is still hard to find luxury watch retailers who accept Bitcoin.  While bitcoin is catching on it is still far from mainstream.  At the time of this writing Amazon does not accept Bitcoin.  Three years from now this may be a different story.  I fully expect that Amazon will make headlines by becoming the largest online retailer who accepts cryptocurancies.

Buying Luxury Watches with Bitcoin is the first Luxury Watch online store that only accepts Bitcoin.  If you looking anything from a Rolex to a high end watch from Lange & Sohne then you have to check out our friends at BitWatches.  BitWatches is headquartered in Holland Pennsylvania and have a very knowledgeable staff that is available very quickly when you click on the Chat button on their website.

So, if you have a bunch of Bitcoin and you don’t want to stomach the price fluctuations then you know what to do… Buy some luxury watches!




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